New website!

It is since a long time we were thinking about a more suitable guise for what we have become.

And here we are to show you everything, a new website, which is a real starting point for us, with much more quality, collaborations and passion at work.

Lots of things have changed through these years, we have worked for great couples and met new partners, forming a good team where everyone can enhance the other’s work.

We have grown up, we have a new name and a new space, but, without any doubt, one thing has remained the same: the desire to improve and to pose new challenges with a more mature professionalism.

We have a lot of fun in our work and we will always try to do so.

We will work with care, passion and we will always try to add an important ingredient to our creations: satisfaction.

Within our website, we have added new sections in order to be in line with market demand, such as engagements and elopements.

Doing so, we would like also to devote ourselves to those who are intended to plan an intimate wedding far from home or just with a few people.

We have also dedicated a page to our office/lab, because it is here that our ideas are born, it is the place where we meet the bride and groom and where each element for their most important day takes shape.

In this space we will show you the backstage and we will tell you anecdotes of each wedding beacuse there is a different story behind each couple

We will combine hands, head and heart so as to make the bride’s dream of having an unforgettable day come true.

See you soon!

Rosalinda, Claudia and Francesca